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Inspired Infographics

November 30, 2011


Like most anything else Internet users place on a pedestal, infographics have almost been done to death – which would truly be a shame if it plays out that way. Originally used to represent important data and statistical information in a more visually pleasing and more easily consumable way than plain text, infographics have become […]

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HTML Email Templates

September 22, 2011


List of free HTML email templates. Campaignmonitor

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6 Tips for The New SEO World

September 14, 2011


The fact that the SEO space has become increasingly competitive, coupled with continued updates of search engine algorithms makes the challenge of providing information to users as tough as ever. This article presents 6 points that highlight the importance of having a human touch in developing SEO strategies that help users find the information they seek. […]

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7 Ways a Website Can Under-perform

July 23, 2011


In a world with 5 billion mobile subscriptions your website should be fast, well-designed and mobile-friendly. SEO tactics are important, and if content is still king we need to provide content written by and for real people. Your about us page is not about you, here are tips to create a better About Us page. […]

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