Strategic planning

Posted on August 15, 2009


Strategic planning involves taking into account the necessary systems, people, resources and processes needed to design and execute a future picture. And while it can be argued that today’s marketplace is simply too complex, interconnected, and unstable to plan and prepare for anything longer than a twelve month timeframe, the following cases show the importance of keeping the future firmly in front of you.

Where is marketing’s responsibility in this?

Marketers should not only have a pulse on customer wants/needs but also sentiment. Customers are pretty smart—they often “sniff” trouble or sign of a potentially adverse event coming long before we can. Marketers need to understand what customers are saying and thinking. We need to discern what constitutes a critical mass and tipping point. We need to have the mechanisms in place (not just social media) to capture and act upon this feedback.

With our eyes wide open, and backed with historical and near real time data (quantitative and qualitative) analysis we should be able to help our companies navigate times of stress.

Marketers—don’t let your company become next case study for lack of strategic planning. We have a responsibility to our companies, customers and ourselves to let strategic planning out of the basement.


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