Social media advertising strategy

Posted on August 16, 2009


Everyday it’s harder and harder for small business owners and advertisers to keep pace with all the social media platforms on the Internet. Business people need to develop a Social Media Advertising Formula, made up of the sites that all advertisers, Web site owners, and business owners must have in order to run a successful social media advertising campaign.

  1. LinkedIn. This platform is great for sending updates to business associates, Lutze says. Tip: To search-optimize your profile, select one core keyword and deftly repeat it in your copy.
  2. Facebook. Your best choice for posting a “personal” profile online. Tip: A profile keyword here can set up a company exec as an expert within the closed Facebook community.
  3. MySpace. Create a fully developed business profile in this open community. Tip: Search your target B2B audience within the site to develop “a great outreach network,” Lutze suggests.
  4. YouTube. An excellent forum for viral campaigns. Tip: For each amazing video you create, include a keyword in the title and in its description.
  5. Your Blog. Starting a blog should be a top social priority, Lutze advises. Tip: Select a unique keyword before writing each post.
  6. Twitter. Use Twitter to push tweets out to other platforms like Facebook, and increase your reach. Tip: “[P]ersonalize your Twitter background for a … branded look and feel.”


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