Keyword Density Tool

Posted on August 20, 2009


This tool is designed to provide a detailed report on the density of keywords and phrases found within a webpage.

Keyword density is the frequency a specific keyword or phrase appears in a block of text, in this case a web page. General rule, the keywords or phrases with the greatest density will perform better within the search engine results.

Keyword density is key to helping search engines identify the theme of a webpage. With the correct balance of keywords your webpage will perform well within the search engine results, to many keywords, thus a high density count; you risk your site being penalized for “keyword spamming” or stuffing.

Search engines will penalize a website by dropping the sites position within its results page.

Using the density tool is simple, enter in the full URL of the webpage you want to check and click on the “Analyze” button.

The tool will crawl through your webpage, emulating a search engine spider, extracting the keywords from your page and generating an intuitive density report.

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