19 Things Social Media Consultants or Agencies Can’t Teach You

Posted on August 24, 2009


19 things organizations should do to be successful in the social media space.

  1. Have a social media mindset
  2. Desire to be truly authentic
  3. Have a personality
  4. Be personable
  5. Really care
  6. Commit to transparent communications
  7. Embrace the value of having a measurable plan
  8. Want to implement internal systems to track all of your social activities
  9. Desire real relationships and conversations
  10. Want to be social in ways that matter
  11. Value opinions other than your own
  12. Comprehend that it’s not always about the influencers
  13. Be genuine on- and off-line
  14. Trust your employees, channel partners or customers
  15. Share your knowledge for free and expect nothing in return
  16. Have social foresight
  17. Not want instant gratification
  18. Get the benefits of being an “unmarketer
  19. Want to remove internal politics
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