How Important is Brand to Selling?

Posted on January 31, 2010


Brand consists of the emotions that prospects feel when they think about your company or product.
By defining brand as something that belongs to the customer (i.e. emotions) we completely differentiate it from the company and its product, and all the other elements that might actually create those emotions.  The definition also allows us to evaluate “branding activity” based upon whether it actually generates emotion.

  Understanding your brand is similar to understanding yourself and your own strengths and weaknesses. 


  • First, it tells you what you probably already knew, which is that most “corporate branding” exercises are a complete waste of money.  The brand ALWAYS reflects the product (including service, package, support, sales process, etc.) because that’s what creates the emotion — not the logo, not the tag, not the celebrity spokesperson, not the ad copy, not the billboard, etc., etc.
  • Second, and more importantly, brand determines how much groundwork you need to lay before you get deeply into a selling cycle.  If your brand is wonderful (i.e. you, your firm and your products are known to be of the highest quality), you can hit the ground running and move quickly into the sales cycle
  • On the other hand, if your brand creates negative emotions, you’ll need to work harder to lay the groundwork to overcome those emotions.  You’ll need to prove — many times, to many decision-makers — that your new products don’t suck like the old ones did, and that you can be trusted to make sure they don’t get shafted like the customers who bought the crap your company used to sell.

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