Online Forums as a Form of Social Media Advertising

Posted on March 7, 2010


On March 3rd, PostRelease released a new white paper aimed at introducing ad agencies and brands to the value of online forums as the most targeted and effective channel for reaching highly influential consumers. The paper demonstrates why a brand’s most valuable audience can be found in online forums, and shows how to reach that audience with relevant
Download the white paper for free to explore;


  • How forums work – their structure, and current advertising opportunities;
  • What makes forum users such word-of-mouth powerhouses for a brand;
  • Why participating in forum discussions can boost SEO rankings, with posts that continue to drive traffic indefinitely – increasing by an average of 100 percent one year after a paid campaign has ended;
  • The importance of transparency and of following the rules and guidelines when participating in a forum community; and
  • How to be effective in forums by dispensing useful information, not promotional messages.

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