ShareThis Upgrades, Gets More Interactive

Posted on March 8, 2010


ShareThis, one the Web’s leading content sharing widgets just got some new upgrades, and they are substantial.

  • Stream is a real-time view of what’s being shared across the Web through the ShareThis community. See how ShareThis Stream works.
  • New share buttons are more customizable. Publishers can now control where the conversations about their content is taking place, or even to run A/B tests to find what networks are of most value.
  • Related content on the Done screen. After a user shares content, ShareThis will now display related content from your site on the user’s screen. It’s a nice way to keep the ball rolling, and hopefully get users to keep sharing your content.
  • “See what your friends are sharing” will also be featured on the Done screen. If users click on these links, they will be directed to the ShareThis Stream, filtered by your content.
  • Social sign in – users can sign in prior to sharing via their Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo! profiles. It’s a growing trend on the Web and facilitates sharing well beyond the ShareThis community and strictly personal contacts.
  • Integration with Twitter OAuth allows for a more direct way to share content with Twitter.

Click to sign up for the beta release of these new features and access to the API.

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