The World of Digital Marketing in 2010

Posted on March 20, 2010


Tools and techniques to help achieve digital marketing goals;

  • Using Social Media to gauge consumer brand perception and sentiment. The key to using social media for marketing and customer acquisition is targeting, which helps ensure that the highly coveted user experience is not affected as new avenues of customer engagement are explored.
  • Measurement is key to boost the ROI from marketing campaigns you need the correct measures in place from the start of a campaign – because they enable valuable insight into how the campaign is actually performing.
  • Partnership structure most activity that advertisers can engage in to boost long term value is significantly enhanced by working in partnership with the digital marketers that execute their campaigns.
  • Use niche websites that have hidden and unrealized value for ad placement and post-registration/post-action advertising. As consumers become more web-savvy, they seek out blogs and websites that carry specialist information relevant to them.
  • Revenue vs User Experience one way that websites look to generate revenue is to implement a pay-for-content structure. This will significantly alter the user experience, although it remains to be seen whether it will turn visitors away.
  • Post-Registration or Post-Action Marketing can be used in an unobtrusive manner to combine data capture and qualification through offers that identify key interests provides a constant revenue opportunity without harming the ongoing user experience.
  • Let the right offers come to you a publisher’s time still needs to be spent predominantly on content creation. As we move into 2010, the right bolt-on tool, such as Clash-Media’s Revenue Path, enables publishers to host multiple campaigns, while still maintaining complete control and customization of every advertisement that hits their pages – every detail can come under the control of the host, from fonts and colors through to sweepstake prizes. 

The Year of Optimization and Monetization

The year ahead will be one where advertising and marketing begin to pick up some serious steam. However, free-spending days are over. This means that advertisers need to find new ways to show how well they are performing, and publishers need to prove to advertisers that they can identify new customers, engage with them and deliver ROI. This partnership of advertiser and publisher will create significant revenue streams for both parties.

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