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Posted on April 11, 2010


Search engine optimization today is more challenging than ever. This is a list of SEO software to help you manage your internet marketing campaigns. While some purists might argue that there is no substitute for manually optimizing your site, the truth is that minimizing the often dull and repetitive tasks (checking rankings, finding new link partners) often associated with SEO can be reduced dramatically, leaving more time strategic thinking that makes for a great business. Which software do you like best?

  1. DIYSEO focuses is on simplicity to find the best targeted keywords for your SEO plan. Tasks are then bucketed into sections, including link-building, on-site optimization, local search and social media. The system also includes tools to track your SEO progress and of course, reporting to monitor your own performance and the SEO of your competition.
  2. Link-Assistant offers four distinct solutions; Rank Tracker (keyword research and rank tracking), WebSite Auditor (site analysis and content optimization), SEO SpyGlass (competitive research and link building strategies and LinkAssistant (link building and link management). These services are sold seperately for $87 each or purchased as a complete set of SEO tools for $268. Free editions are available.
  3. Traffic Travis this suite of 11 tools helps in finding keywords, analyzing pages for SEO factors, identifying inbound links, reporting on traffic and position, and provides a decent competitive research mechanism. Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of TrafficTravis is that it is not just for SEO but for paid search as well. The solution identifies which keywords competitors are bidding on and the performance of that ad over time.
  4. SEO Administrator is an increasingly popular solution with Ranking Monitor that tracks site position in all major search engines, a robust link popularity checker, tools for site analysis and indexing, a log analyzer, and an HTML analyzer as well. There are three editions of SEO Administrator; Standard ($129), Professional ($169), and Expert ($199), a free trial is available.
  5. Internet Business Promoter also known as Axandra, this downloadable software includes access to Arelis (a link popularity software program) and many SEO specific tools, including those for keyword research, directory and search engine submission, link building, and position checking. Versions range between $250 for the standard edition and $450 for the business-class level, a free trial is available.
  6. WebPosition Gold is a long-time and respected provider of SEO software that aids in the optimization of web pages through its keyword research tools, reports search rankings, submits to top search engines, and even tracks search engine rankings and website traffic, helping users to analyze conversions (through a Web Trends integration). Versions range from $150 for the standard edition to $400 for the professional edition, a free trial is available.
  7. SEO Elite offers a impressive suite of tools. It reports search engine rankings, monitors reciprocal links on partner sites, conducts backlink search, displays pages indexed by major search engines, uncovers penalized sites you may be linking to, finds link exchange partners, and submits articles to article directories.
  8. Web CEO is perhaps the current leader in SEO software, offering the most robust suite of search engine marketing tools in one software program. Users are able to find the best keywords, edit and optimize sites in a WYSIWYG editor, submit to search engines, find link partners, and even manage paid search campaigns. Web CEO also enables its users to check rankings, track and analyze visitors (over 120 live analytics reports) and know who links to a site. SmallBiz and Professional Editions range from $199 to $389 respectively, a free edition is available.
  9. RankSense allows users to discover rankings, analyze search engine coverage, identify problem pages, build sitemaps, select and appraise keywords, conduct link structure analysis and a whole lot more. RankSense offers a free 30 day trial and 60 day money-back guarantee and starts at just $29.95 per month.
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