5 Quick Tips: B2B Lead Generation

Posted on April 19, 2010


5 tips to get more leads and grow revenue.

  1. Know Your Ideal Prospect: Look at your existing customers, and identify the key decision makers and influencers. People like them are likely to be your ideal prospects.
  2. Be Where Your Prospects Are: Figure out where ideal prospects learn about new developments
  3. Add Value, Avoid Quick Sells: Do not assume prospects are ready to buy when you approach them, nurture and build relationships so you stay on the prospects mind until they are ready.
  4. Get the Right Leads: The right leads stay in the loop, lead scoring can be used to measure whether your leads lead to the right type of prospects.
  5. Test & Measure: As different strategies are employed you should not fear testing new ideas and “measure all the way to revenue“.

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