6 Ways to Leverage your Customer Network

Posted on April 19, 2010


These 6 strategies can be used to grow and maintain your customer network in order to thrive in today’s social media world.

  1. Use a robust reputation-management system. Communities are not just a place to view information. You’ve got to know who you can trust based on community feedback. In addition, it will help you quickly figure out who your brand advocates are and encourage your most knowledgeable customers to frequently participate.
  2. Encourage repeat visits. Create areas where they can return within the community, such as a private lounge where only those with similar reputations can go and participate. Provide contests, feedback, or ideation areas.
  3. Promote early and often. It’s critical that everyone knows about the community and can easily navigate there from any place on your website. Businesses will find their communities to be one of the most visited Web areas.
  4. Multichannel accessibility—mobile. Make sure your community can be easily viewed and used from any mobile phone. Communities are not just for when you’re at your desk. People use communities when shopping at the store, traveling, or grabbing a cup of coffee.
  5. Pay close attention to all types of visitors. In particular, consider those non-active users or “lurkers”—people who visit the community, view information, and move along and don’t participate in the discussion. Have your team review ways to engage with new customers and potential members of the community.
  6. Focus on search results. SEO is critical to your success. Managing the customer network on your domain will lead to far better results than if those conversations take place elsewhere. A holistic SEO strategy will help your customers and your extended business network find you when they’re searching for answers and ideas.

Posted via email from K3 Center Codex