5 Keys to Creating Engaging Experiences

Posted on May 28, 2010


Brands that deliver engaging experiences build and sustain long-term competitive advantages. Therefore, getting the experience right must be a priority. The following characteristics are important to bear in mind when considering how others engage with your brand:

  1. Engaging experiences create value. Whether through efficiencies that help us get more done in a busy day, stay connected with friends and family, provide entertainment or solve problems, good experiences keep us coming back for more. They encourage us to take action and give us something back in return.
  2. Engaging experiences don’t make us work too hard. A helpful experience is one that guides us toward a solution. Simple inputs produce remarkable results that can not be replicated anywhere else. These experiences make our lives easier. They instill a sense of accomplishment, empowerment and satisfaction leaving us feeling energized, not depleted. 
  3. Engaging experiences touch our emotions. Usability and utility are fundamental to a good experience; however, those attributes alone won’t differentiate brands from one another. An emotional component must also be considered. Dull experiences will always be swapped with ones that have likable personalities.
  4. Engaging experiences are always available. Experiences that create value are needed at home and on the go. We expect them to be with us anywhere and available all the time. Mobile compatibility and portability to desktops and social profiles ensure that, when we need an experience, it will be ready and waiting for us.
  5. Engaging experiences are easy to share. When we discover a valuable experience it’s increasingly important that we can share it with others. Experiences that prevent us from sharing products of interest or engaging in dialogue around compelling messages detach us from those people (and brands) we value most.

We hear time and again that experience is the message. As consumers shift  more of their attention online it becomes increasingly important for brands to deliver engaging digital experiences. Luckily, a common-sense approach is often all it takes. Matching the goals of customers with business objectives is the winning combination.

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