The Importance of Customer Feedback

Posted on June 5, 2010


A feedback program is a great way to gain insight into the attitudes and interests of your site visitors. Understanding the value of these programs opens up opportunities to;

  • Build brand value. Feedback provide a platform for a two-way conversation about all aspects of your brand. This type of visitor engagement provides a myriad of opportunities to personalize and promote your brand while making informed business decisions.
  • Be brave and share. Traditionally feedback data sits in a silos, separate from day to day processes and reduces the value of the data. To effectively glean insights from this information, it helps to keep feedback data as transparent as possible.
  • Nip issues in the bud. To get the most of your feedback you should respond in a timely fashion. Research shows evidence of increased loyalty and retention when issues are quickly resolved.

Successful feedback programs drive a continuous dialog with your site visitors that helps you align business objectives with customer concerns and attitudes. Collecting feedback arms you with a real-time added understanding of your site users, information that can be of great value in informing you on content to create or actions to take.

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