4 Traps to Avoid to Optimize Online Marketing

Posted on June 13, 2010


Online marketing requires many things including effective strategies to target win business buyers. This article explores the following four traps that keep B2B marketers from optimizing their B2B online marketing performance.

  1. Viewing business buying as an event, not a process. 94% of B2B marketers “have no insight into how their online marketing programs impact anything other than the last event before a conversion or purchase,” given Web analytics provide a limited picture.
  2. Believing that business buyers seek optimal solutions. What they really seek is the easiest one. B2B companies lose sales to vendors that buyers already do business with, because “business buyers seek to reduce the time and risks inherent in building a new vendor relationship.”
  3. Misunderstanding how business buyers use the Internet. Two sub-traps are at work here: Focusing B2B marketing programs on a few major traffic sources; and misapplying strategy, tactics and metrics that work on one campaign or traffic source to another.
  4. When you have a hammer, thinking everything looks like a nail. “If you spend 95% of your time on Google AdWords campaigns and are asked to improve overall online ROI, how [will] you respond?” Hanna asks. Don’t stay stuck in one rut, he warns.

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