5 Ways to Reboot Your E-commerce Business

Posted on June 27, 2010


IRCE 2010 wrapped up a couple of weeks ago in Chicago. The show’s official theme was “Time to Reboot”, and retailers and vendors alike left with shared optimism as e-commerce climbs out of a recession and into its next stage of development.  This post puts forward 5 suggestions regarding how you can reboot your e-commerce efforts based on this year’s conference.
  1. Ratings and Reviews. Proponents of user ratings and reviews continue to bombard us with testimonials, calling the practice one of the simplest and most effective uses of social media available to online retailers.
  2. Personalization. This is another up-and-coming aspect of e-commerce that is attracting a lot of attention thanks to innovations in social media and includes personalized recommendations to geographical targeting.
  3. Video and Imaging. With each technological advance in imaging, the bar is raised a little bit higher as far as how consumers expect to view products online. Staying on the front end of the curve is essential for an e-commerce business to remain competitive.
  4. Payment Management and Processing. As consumers try to climb out of debt and retailers work to protect against fraud, e-commerce businesses are finding new and creative methods for shoppers to pay for items online.
  5. Loyalty Programs. From subscription-based incentive programs to brand-awareness marketing campaigns, channels that lead to customer loyalty and retention are vital to a successful e-commerce operation.

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