7 Lessons From the Football Pitch

Posted on June 27, 2010


There are business lessons to learn from the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Aside from being gifted with talent the players and teams all work hard to improve their quality. Here are 7 traits that we can learn from the beautiful game.

  1. Perseverance. Do not give up. Teams and players move on only when they battle through obstacles and show amazing perseverance. 
  2. Teamwork. All 11 know the value of teamwork. The cohesive team challenges those that rely on a great individual player. 
  3. Constant education. Keep on improving. Even at the highest level of the game players constantly train and refine, spending years learning what works and what doesn’t. 
  4. Celebrating success. The game not just about the grind; the players keep their momentum up by celebrating their successes, as well as learning from their failures. 
  5. Communication. It’s all about communication out on the field. We could all take a lesson out of their book for how they communicate with fellow team members over the B♭ vuvuzela din. 
  6. Self-belief. These guys believe in themselves. You have to have a great self-belief to walk out in front of millions and do your work. They cut through any self doubt and know they can achieve. 
  7. Exceptional focus. The players keep their eyes on the ball, pardon the pun. They’re at the peak of their sport because they have an amazing focus on the end goal — being the best at what they do. You can be assured that they’re not distracted easily. 

If you work within or manage a team, I’m sure that you could take from some of these points as lessons on how to improve. We could all do with a bit of inspiration from time to time. Best of luck being the best in your field too! 

Posted via email from K3 Center Codex