3 Important Website Launch Traits

Posted on August 2, 2010


There is no shortage of advice that shows or tries to show you how to succeed in launching a website. This post documents 3 key traits found to be advantageous to a website launch.

  1. Customer Development. Customers are the basis of ultimate success; having a users base and early adopters prior to launch provides invaluable input. This information gives you a head-start on grasping customer needs and helps increase your brand awareness and reach. Having customer stories that share experiences using your services is a great way to show that you take clients seriously.
  2. Street Credibility. In today’s markets clients are more informed than ever and they require building of trust prior to placing credibility in your product or service. Building your reputation cannot be overlooked — maintaining and promoting a blog, offering advice and expertise and great ways to maintain and grow your reputation.
  3. Viral Components. Social media has undoubtedly made ours an age of sharing. The willingness of users to share content that they like dramatically increases the potential of message frequency — the number of times a message is seen by others. Using viral social media plugins simply should be part of any web presence.

The key to a successful launch is to create is an environment where clients are valued and trusted i.e. being customer-focused. It is in this environment that credibility can be built by using the whole web to share and extend the reach of your marketing messages.

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