3 Strategies for Boosting eMail Engagement

Posted on June 2, 2011


1.       Develop Emails that Drive Engagement. Good emails drive recipients to act, entertaining, educating are all great ways to increase engagement.

2.       The Welcome Series. This oft overlook step helps you set subscriber expectations vis-à-vis your email program by describing what type of content you send and when one should expect to receive it.

3.       Triggers. As subscribers interact with your brand, paying attention to purchases, browsing behavior, life events, user generated content can help you identify and take advantage of key touch points where consumer behavior sends out automated triggered emails.

The more one understand, believes and values your emails, the more engagement you will see. At its simplest, an engaged subscriber is one that opens, clicks or otherwise engages with an email message. This is why Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail all introduced engagement tracking features to help filter and mange your inbox.

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