7 Ways a Website Can Under-perform

Posted on July 23, 2011


  1. In a world with 5 billion mobile subscriptions your website should be fast, well-designed and mobile-friendly.
  2. SEO tactics are important, and if content is still king we need to provide content written by and for real people.
  3. Your about us page is not about you, here are tips to create a better About Us page.
  4. When video or audio auto-plays users are forced to turn it off; let your visitors choose if the wish to listen or watch.
  5. Be clear and straightforward, minimize the efforts needed to learn how to use and navigate your site.
  6. Some visitors would rather use a search function than explore individual pages on your site.
  7. Each page needs a clearly defined purpose or call to action, once a visitor lands on your page what do they do next?


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