6 Tips for The New SEO World

Posted on September 14, 2011


The fact that the SEO space has become increasingly competitive, coupled with continued updates of search engine algorithms makes the challenge of providing information to users as tough as ever.
This article presents 6 points that highlight the importance of having a human touch in developing SEO strategies that help users find the information they seek.


  1. Diversity of approach: Use different tactics without focusing on one thing, even if it appears to be working well. Search engines “appreciate” diversity in link building, along with quality content written for human beings, not ’bots. SEO changes all the time, so what works today may not work tomorrow.
  2. Write for people — optimize later: It is possible to overoptimize. When you lose sight of your intended audience: your customers, your readers -— and what is important to them — because you want to please Google, you hurt yourself. Think about the person who will read and be motivated by your information.
  3. Test, and test again: Don’t be afraid to test new methods and discover new techniques because search engines are changing every day. Just don’t throw everything that has been working for you out of the window and similarly evaluate old tactics to ensure that they are still effective.
  4. International search requires special consideration: This will depend on the dominant search engines in a given country or market and how they work, including culture and language. Research and understand those parameters.
  5. Use the right tools: SEO tools are advancing every day to help marketers be strategic and make informed decisions. Take advantage of tools that help save time, provide insight and keep up with the ever-changing search engines.
  6. Write about what you know and write from the heart: Remember this old rule from school? The same rule applies when successfully writing — and optimizing— for the Web.

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