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3 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes

May 23, 2012


Big mistake #1: Believing that true branding can only be achieved offline The largest brand marketers spend less than 10 percent of their marketing budgets online, and the rest goes to TV, radio, print publications, and offline content marketing (e.g., product placement in movies and sponsored soap operas). Why don’t the brand dollars follow? The […]

5 Rs for Search Engine Marketing

April 13, 2011


Here are 5 core principles that small business can use for search engine marketing. Relevance. Search engines aim to provide users with the most relevant content in response to queries Reputation. Good reviews from respected sources that link to your content shape the reputation of your content. Remarkable. It has been said before, do not be boring, […]

Marketing Task List

March 27, 2011


The quiet spells on your marketing calendar are a result of poor planning in the immediate past. These marketing tasks are presented to inspire better planning by paying attention to marketing tasks that call for attention on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Daily Send one email to or call at least one new contact. […]

3 Tips to Engage, Attract and Understand Customers

March 27, 2011


This article explores how to; Encourage customers to contribute to your marketing and product development efforts Avoid wrong customers that hurt your bottom line Learn reasons why prospects buy from your competitors Source article

5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Etiquette Tips

February 15, 2011


This article highlights 5 common blunders to avoid in your effort to attract leads and building meaningful long term relationships. Waiting Too Long to Call After a Date. With 81% of consumers buying after a fifth contact, failing to follow up can be a very serious problem. Moving Too Fast. Cultivate the relationship before asking […]

Six Steps to Improve Customer Retention

November 17, 2010


To succeed, customer retention must be a top-down, companywide initiative. Truly committing to customer retention is hard work because it affects virtually every aspect of your organization, but the payback in sustainable growth and profitability makes the effort worthwhile. Here are the 6 steps. Ask customers what they want, what they like and dislike. Include […]

7 Marketing Steps for a Limited Budget

September 20, 2010


Develop Your Major Selling Advantage Determine your quintessential qualities. What makes you better, more memorable, and of greater value to your target market than your competition? Identify your ideal customer. What challenges are they facing that you can provide a solution to? Network to build your prospect base. Go to tradeshows, events, and local chamber […]