Natural Link Building Wins

Posted on December 22, 2010


The best type of link building happens when the search engines don’t think it is happening forcefully. This meaning search engines like to see natural growth when it comes to marketing a business online. When search engines see a nice steady natural growth there is a certain amount of trust put into that domain which gives it the ability to climb a bit quicker.

Why does link building need to be natural?

Search engines hate manipulation of search results. They do however understand that companies need to perform proactive marketing efforts in order to achieve those natural growth abilities. There is a thin line between too much sometimes and not enough which is why you’re marketing should look as natural as possible. A website that builds naturally online is a website that is proactively branding and marketing themselves which is what the search engines really want to see. They have all come out and said they prefer websites which take a quality growth rather than a forced growth.
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